University of Strathclyde offers £4,000 scholarships to international students enrolled in MRes Physics

The scholarship, a University of Strathclyde, Glasgow statement said, will be awarded towards the payment of a student’s tuition fee.

The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow is offering scholarships of £4,000 to the new international students joining the MRes Physics in the 2023-2024 academic year starting January 2024. Up to five scholarships are on offer for MRes Physics.

These scholarships at the University of Strathclyde will be awarded on a competitive basis to candidates who demonstrate in their application for admission excellent academic performance – current or previously gained and any relevant extra-curricular or professional experience.

Scholarships for MRes physics will be provided on a rolling basis. Awards may be allocated early in the application cycle and so making an early application for admission is advised. The last date to register online for the MRes physics program is December 14, 2023. The faculty of science international scholarship seeks to help the students with the tuition fees.

In order to be considered for this award, candidates must satisfy the following criteria:

— The candidate must be a new, international fee-paying student holding an offer of admission of a full-time place on the MRes Physics in the Faculty of Science commencing January 2024.

— The student must be self-funded. Students who receive full scholarships, for example from a government office or embassy, will not be eligible.

Selected applicants will be notified within four weeks of receiving their offer of admission. The scholarship will be awarded towards the payment of a student’s tuition fee. It cannot be used for payment of a deposit.

The value of each award will be £4,000. Successful candidates will be selected on their academic performance (current and/ or previously gained) and any relevant extra-curricular or professional experience.

Scholarship recipients will be expected to engage with student ambassador activities during their course of study, such as supporting student recruitment activities and events. Students are only eligible to hold one scholarship per academic year from the University of Strathclyde.

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